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Release Toxic Stress Belly & Hormonal Weight Gain

A lot can be done to transition gracefully into each phase of adulthood for women—and men—by gaining a foothold against stress and managing hormones The subject of stress and hormones is important for everyone—both men and women. Women tend to have more questions about the role hormones play with regard to weight, particularly weight changes

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Activate Your Engine of Weight Loss

Revitalize the intestinal terrain —your gut—with healthy nutrients your microflora need We hear a lot about metabolism when talking about weight loss, but what is it? The foods and liquids we take in (as well as the oxygen we breathe) all convert to energy our bodies need to process nutrients for growing tissues, making and

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Conquer the Dieting Myth

Overcoming false beliefs about food, dieting, and health, and taking personal inventory about why it matters can yield lasting weight loss results Almost everyone has tried a “diet plan”, which either is unsustainable (often unsafe), or yields only temporary results. Instead, let’s shift the focus to what can be done to start getting healthier… To

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When is Chronic Body Pain a Detoxification Concern?

Why “Toxins In, Toxins Out” Is A Better Predictor of Fibromyalgia Pain, Weight Gain, and Hormone Imbalance Than Calorie Counting Or Genetics To get at the root of our body-wide detoxification concerns, let’s first differentiate between signs and symptoms. Symptoms of poor detoxification are things we feel, like headaches; in fact, it’s plausible that migraines

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Constant Sugar Cravings? Take Control of Blood Sugar

Fluctuating glucose supply throughout the day is destabilizing to brain health and increases the likelihood of addictive and other mood-altering behaviors It’s maybe a “trick question”, but which is worse: having low blood sugar or having high blood sugar? The answer is—they’re both equally bad. Worse still are the fluctuations in blood sugar, called glucose,

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In Need Of Emotional First Aid? Go Sleep On It

The search for quality sleep leaves patients restless for answers…and a solution We’ve all heard the phrase “go sleep on it”—most of us have been given that advice when we’re dealing with a difficult problem or need to make a big decision. We now know that this advice is actually rooted in science, since our

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Taking Blood Pressure at Home

How To Read Blood Pressure Accurately

Monitoring for blood pressure is best done at home over multiple readings instead of as a one time shot at the Dr’s office There’s no question that knowing a patient’s blood pressure is a first step to diagnose or correct hypertension or hypotension. Both extremes are indicative of health risks; blood pressure readings that are

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