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Root Cause Solution

What I’m proposing is transformational, not incremental. Let’s start in small bite-sized chunks beginning with a Basic Program.  We will be on our way toward a personalized game plan that will address your health challenges head on. 

Schedule your initial consult first and then we will guide you to discover your root cause solution

Here's Why We Created Programs

 Except in acute scenarios, the “per visit” model is a failing model of treatment.  When it comes to the kinds of chronic health challenges that bring patients to my office, a single visit or initial consult is not going to overhaul decades of pain and anguish. We know from experience these patients need a lot of support getting over the hump and seeing past the kinds of setback that brought them to me in the first place. We created programs because, truly in our heart of hearts, we have learned that’s what patients like you want. 

This is a relationship that will assist you to no longer feel so lonely and isolated, and will give you a place to turn when the going gets rough. If that’s you, and you’re tired of shuffling from doctor to doctor carrying a stack of tests without ever getting answers, the 90-Day Discovery Program is a great place to start!

Our in-depth approach, one in which we partner with you on the journey, is the only successful way we’ve found of getting to the root of your health ailments and leveling up your health to newer possibility.

Look Under the Hood

Our foundational package for those that are concentrated in one area
  • Comprehensive Blood Test
  • In-Office Brain/Body Neurology Examination
  • Foundational "Functional Labs" Test Package
  • Face-to-Face Information Packed Meetings To Review Labs
  • Two [2] Additional "Flex" Appointments to "Ask Dr Pucci"
  • Guidance About Foods To Avoid and Foods To Eat for your case
  • Ordering Products Through FullScript
  • 90-Day Clinical + Office Support
  • Ideal for Baseline Evaluation of Most Cases (Even "Hard To Treat")

Dig A Little Deeper

Our premium package for those that need deeper focus or enhanced reporting
  • In Addition to Basic, includes the following:
  • In-Office PEMF Therapy for Pain Relief
  • Focus Area Lab Testing (e.g. Mold, Food Sensitivities)
  • Ideal for Advanced Data Mining and Performance (Even "Brain-Based")
  • Eligible For Advanced Add-ons + Customization
  • Includes Mid-Phase "Records Recap" of Initial Area Of Focus
  • 12-Day Clinical + Office Support

Frequently Asked Questions

For most patients, the 90-Day “Discovery” Program is a great place to start. We created this program to give you a foundational look “under the hood” and to provide us enough data and time to really develop a few strategies that work in the context of your lifestyle.

We find this program to be  appropriate for all ages, whether there is a pressing, unresolved health concern or simply a desire to establish a functional baseline. 

Opt for the Deluxe when there is a significant pain component, a brain imbalance (as in the case of stroke rehab), or when advanced data mining into a focus area is desired. 

We find that every patient scenario is a bit different so we try to accommodate you with some flexibility. For instance, some patients come in with stacks of labs and lifelong vitae of doctors visits, and others start with none.

Every program starts with a review of your existing labs, plus we typically order a new comprehensive blood test. and test package that is customized for you. We chart that out onto a functional worksheet so that you can quickly see patterns or areas to concentrate on.

The test package included with either program is designed to provide “actionable results”, which is why we utilize only a handful of trusted, independent labs. For the Discovery program, you will typically be running the following: GI Effects from Genova, NutrEval from Genova, and Adrenal Stress Index from Diagnostechs.

Likewise, regarding supplements, my job is to help you navigate “hype” from fact. We are all subject to scads of misinformation about what achieves a miracle transformation versus what “actually” works. We have about  10-12 vendors we use, each hand-selected for specific needs. As part of your program, we will assist you in ordering these through Fullscript or make them available for pick-up in the office.

The Discovery Call is an extension of the front desk and is one way to reach us. 

What we like about the Discovery Call is that it allows us to meet face-to-face via Zoom and screen share at a dedicated time without the distractions that normally occur in a doctor’s office. 

The purpose of the Discovery call is not only for us to go over any questions you might have, but also to review the pricing, and link you up with additional trainings and resources – so you feel as comfortable about the journey ahead as we do.

When patients enter our practice we are 100% committed to their continued success. What this means is that we will continually work with you to develop new opportunities for your continuing educaton. 

For some patients, our programs are a lifeline, and for others, they are the peace of mind. What you can expect is that we will run the tests, provide you the resources, care and education, extend you every courtesy, and level up –health-wise and technologically speaking– your brain and your body well-being.

Want To Hear More?

We get it —you’ve been hopeful before and this is not your first rodeo.

That’s why Dr Pucci took time out of his busy work schedule and invested a lot of personal resources to meet with experts form across the country and share his message with their listeners. We then went ahead and collected all his recordings onto a single “podcast” page for your listening pleasure.

In each of his podcasts, you’ll hear his thought process, his exceptional “bedside manner”, and what separates Dr. Pucci from other functional medicine specialists.

As he likes to say: “There are “functional doctors” and there are Functional Doctors; meaning, there are doctors who take a turn at becoming an expert in functional medicine without investing the time or the resources, and then there is Dr. Pucci. He is Bergen County’s Face Of Functional Medicine for a reason: He is 100% committed to an out of the box solution for a complicated case such as yours, and he has devoted his adult life to caring for others. Functional Medicine isn’t an adjunct to another purpose, and it’s not something he is “dabbling” in at this point. 

Hear What Our Patients Have to Say

“Dr. Pucci and staff are AMAZING. He takes the time to go over things with you...”

Dr. Pucci and staff are AMAZING. He takes the time to go over things with you to the level of your understanding and interest. My health and quality of life took a major turnaround after I started going to his office. Great resource if you are looking to heal yourself the way you should be. Can't recommend them highly enough.
- Chris S.

“My health was failing and I was deathly afraid of being hospitalizedagain...”

My health was failing and I was deathly afraid of being hospitalizedagain. My condition was such thatI would react worse each time to allthe drugs. It would take weeks to recover, if at all and I really didn’twant that approach. I just did not know how else to get better. As a lastresort, the office manager contacted Dr. Pucci on my behalf and it’sbeen an amazing turn around ever since.
- Jackie J (Rutherford, NJ)

“I began working with Dr. Pucci years ago and trust him with a lot of important decisions...”

I began working with Dr. Pucci years ago and trust him with a lot ofimportant decisions. Recently, my husband had been scared into thepossibility of open heart surgery and was about to start takingmedications so I sent him to Dr. Pucci for a second opinion andguidance. After running a few tests and starting treatment, we wentback to the cardiologist who, based on the results, changed his mind andcompletely reversed his decision
- Gloria S. (Hillsdale, NJ)

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