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My Personal Health Philosophy is about looking at you as a whole person, through the lens of functional medicine. What corrections we can make now “functionally” to optimize your health and combat disease.

I often say it’s more about what we can do to “remove” more interferences and distractions from your life, than it is about adding stuff in.

Everyone who comes to me is in a certain amount of “pain”. That can be physical pain, but more often it’s the emotional burden of not being the person or living the life that is fully expected. 

A lot of patients have done the hard work of raising families, or are about to start, and just when it’s time to “unwind” feel their lives descending to “madness” or even a kind of chaos. That’s where I come in.

My job is to deliver you closer to pleasure island—to help you see another potential reality from what you see on the horizon right now. To give you the leveling up of your heath and move you closer to a transformation. 

Discovering your root cause solution is about moving you toward a different reality and resolving some of those longstanding health concerns. My team and I are 100% committed to your success, and anyone who’s fully engaged in the Discovery process will see positive changes.

I absolutely encourage you to start with Step 1 and schedule a Discovery call.

To get answers, we need some data. That’s what your time with me is all about: running the tests you need to look under the hood and see “functionally” what is going on. 

Routine blood tests and radiology exams aren’t going to cut it. They won’t tell you what’s going on with the health of your gut microbiome, for example. They’re not going to tell you whether your hormones are “available” or being properly “methylated” out of your body. They won’t tell you if your brain is sending signals correctly or whether there are any misfires.

The great advantage to running tests and embarking upon time with me is gaining insight and clarity to what’s going on and to have a roadmap for future healing. These tests give “actionable results” and some comfort that what you are doing –the products you’re taking, the dietary changes you’re making, and so forth, are meaningful and are supportive of your goals. 

I encourage you to visit my media page where I have put together a set of podcasts that I did with top health coaches and functional nutrition experts from across the country. Each one is a master class in itself, and each will bring you deep into my philosophy, manner, approach to your case, and thinking. 

Simply click the button below and that will bring you to my media page. Scroll down to anyone of them, but my personal favorites include “Stuff Your Doctor Should Know”, “Eat Real To Heal”, “Proactive Personal Healthcare”, “Mapping Your Morning Routine” from 15-Minute Matrix, and Rock Bottom Wellness. ~Dr Pucci

Are you ready to get your health back on track? Gain new knowledge to begin putting back together the pieces of your life.

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