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Autoimmune diseases negatively affect the health of both sexes, but science tells how women are more susceptible and what makes them vulnerable to developing others.

A woman with one autoimmune expression will typically develop others, as the immune system quietly & stealthily attacks more and more self-tissue. At Pucci Wellness, we empower women & men to manage autoimmune disease holistically, and naturally.

Are you desperate for answers, motivated to overcome symptoms that just won’t go away? Do you find yourself hoping to wake up someday only to find that your body has magically balanced itself out? You’re not alone in this journey, and there’s a reason you’ve been stuck on this bumpy ride.

Women with autoimmune disease (men too) are plagued by a cascade of missteps while bouncing from one Dr to the next, trying to take matters into their own hands. Missteps include:

  1. Lack of Science: Relying on guesswork or anecdotal advice instead of science-backed strategies.

  2. Improper Guidance: Following general advice that doesn’t consider your unique adaptive & acquired immune profile.

  3. Internet Confusion: Trusting random online sources without a clear roadmap.

  4. Waiting for Miracles: Hoping your autoimmune issues will miraculously resolve on their own.

  5. Quick-Fix Frustration: Searching for the perfect product or quick-fix solution that never seems to work.

This cycle of uncertainty can lead to frustration, confusion, and even a sense of isolation. But there’s a way out, a path toward relief and empowerment.

Is "Leaky Gut" the Answer?

Leaky gut – also known as intestinal permeability – is a digestive condition in which bacteria and toxins are able to “leak” through the intestinal wall.  

>LEARN MORE: Is Your Immune System Distracted from What’s Truly Important? Think of an immune system as having several buckets that are all filled to the rim with water, it only takes a small amount of additional water—a trigger—for it to overflow.

Leaky gut can be caused by a wide range of lifestyle and environmental factors, including taking too many medications, especially antibiotics, exposure to toxins, and chronic stress.

Why Low Energy & Fatigue?

Leaky gut creates confusion for your immune system and “less accuracy”  as it increasingly targets your own self tissue, including your thyroid, your joints and connective tissues, or other major organs including your brain, your kidneys, and so on.

Having your immune system on high alert causes persistent low level of inflammation, which means that energy is chronically expended on surveillance instead of allowing for more growth, nurture, or even repair.

The result is oftentimes chronic levels of fatigue, increasing levels of sensitivity to food & airborne pathogens, and an inflammatory pain burden that won’t turn off.

Get to the Root Cause

Autoimmune disease is complex. Getting a full picture of your body’s microbial terrain is the first place that we look. We also want to run an advanced barrier assessment to know where to put our effort.

Next, we’d like to better understand any chronic stressors (and how to bring back more energy) while calming down the immune system itself and restoring resilience. 

At Pucci Wellness, we empower women & men to manage autoimmunity holistically, and naturally. We have seen an incredible decrease in symptoms and a return to active life.

If you have autoimmune disease that is causing the quality of your life to deteriorate and would like to know what you can do to take back control of your life, then  start by booking time where we can learn about your case. And when you’re ready we will send you a complete Welcome Packet and all the information you need to make an informed decision about your care.

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