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Helping Patients Heal When No One Else Can

If you’ve been to lots of doctors without getting help, then let me unveil a path forward.

Let's Figure This Out

[DOUGLAS J. PUCCI – ORADELL, NJ] Imagine having access to a treasure trove of data led by Bergen County’s premier NYNJ area functional medicine expert to guide and empower you into making informed decisions about your health.

Sharper Focus, Expert Guidance

Pucci Wellness has helped thousands of patients, complex cases of all kinds, recover their health by revealing what traditional doctors and conventional tests often miss. It’s like turning on a high-definition camera to capture the fine details that were previously hidden.

Working together 1-On-1, Dr Pucci explores the details of your case with you using decades of experience and every clinical advantage.

Proven Track Record

With decades in practice, we treat a variety of at-risk and mismanaged cases, using science-backed discovery together with holistic healing principles.


Cutting-Edge Workup

We employ the best research and data-collection techniques, thoroughly investigating your case for better, functional diagnoses and care excellence.


Working With You 1:1

Whereas lots of doctors pass you off to someone else, Dr Pucci uses his experience to develop a treatment plan with you while taking time to explain his findings.

I want to partner with you and explore key findings in our investigative search to either reduce your symptoms or eliminate them completely over time. Most importantly, I want to help you get to your big “WHY”

CASE STUDYDebbie battled unexplained weight loss and years of chronic anxiety, poor sleep, and frustrating digestive issues. She’d met with lots of doctors and specialists but felt defeated and on the brink of giving up hope. We outlined a few tests with her after her First Step Success Call, the results of which linked her symptoms to a cascade of factors within her power to control. The burden lifted from Debbie’s shoulders and changed her life.

CASE STUDYJackie nearly gave up trying to overcome her post-covid & chronic fatigue issues, but decided to try one last thing—our free First Step Success Call. When we took a deep dive into functional lab testing & examined her further to look for any underlying infections and her triggering stress physiology, she couldn’t believe every doctor she’d seen over the years had overlooked a few critical factors. That one call combined with her own follow through transformed Jackie’s health and wellbeing forever.

CASE STUDYJoan had overcome years of pain but felt something still wasn’t quite right. She suffered with exhaustion, strange skin rashes, and periods of depression. That’s when she decided to schedule a First Step Success Call with Pucci Wellness. Although skeptical at first, Joan later broke down into tears of joy to discover several potential root causes of her health woes. It was as if she got a second chance at living a happy, healthy life.

Your Health Should Shine As Brightly As Your Other Achievements

Tired of always hustling to explain your “symptoms” or your “history” and not seeing results? If you have big goals, inspiring dreams, and a lot of ambition, but you’ve found that overcoming health challenges alone isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

Then, I invite you to join countless others by scheduling your First Step Success Call.

Let Me Help You Gain New Knowledge To Begin Putting Back Together the Pieces Of Your Life


Signature 1-On-1 Health Expertise

Designed to truly level up your health, our signature “Better Me” Functional Medicine All-In-One package is how we drive the process of getting to know you as we take a deep dive into your case. 


Problem-Specific Functional Lab Testing

At Pucci Wellness, we help you gain clarity through data by choosing only those laboratories that meet our standards, helping to direct the course of care, provide the information you seek, and achieve desired results.


Protocol & Strategy Development

As a pioneer in the functional medicine space, and an expert in the art of healing, Dr Pucci will save you heartache & time using his experience with top vendors backed by science and proven benefits to get the job done. 

Trusted By Thousands

Over the past 30+ years, we’ve secured trust with thousands of patients by enabling them to recover in a way they believe in while also removing the guesswork for them.

Take a look at what our clients think (Click here for more testimonials & achievements): 

Dr. Pucci and staff are AMAZING. He takes the time to go over things with you to the level of your understanding and interest. My health and quality of life took a major turnaround after I started going to his office. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
– Chris S. (Glen Rock, NJ)

My health was failing and I was deathly afraid […].  My condition was such that I would react worse each time to all the drugs. It would take weeks to recover, if at all and I really didn’t want that approach. It’s been an amazing turnaround ever since!”
– Jackie J. (Rutherford, NJ)

15 Minutes to Change Your Life

Embrace the Future Of You.

If you have a desired reality that feels worlds apart from your current life, I’m offering you a way out. The only way for us to bridge that gap is to begin a conversation about what is motivating you & how I can help.

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