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As a leading expert on functional medicine, physician and educator, Dr Pucci is regularly featured in the media, particularly as a much sought after podcast guest. A few of his recognition awards and guest spots are below.

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Podcast Appearances

On Being A Leader in Functional Medicine

Dr Pucci with Brad Watts on Nutrition Hero Podcast

Contrasts and Comparisons for Mainstream and Functional Medicine

Dr Pucci with Robert Orion Sikes on Keto Savage

Why Functional Medicine Matters

Dr Pucci with Ed Jones on The Holistic Navigator Podcast

Autoimmune 101

Dr Pucci with Eileen Laird on Phoenix Helix Podcast

Healthy Weight Loss

Dr Pucci with Dr Lauren Noel on the Dr Lo Radio Show

Getting Down To The Root Of Health Problems

Dr Pucci with Dr Kevin Pecca on Expect Miracles Podcast

Proactive Personal Health Care

Dr Pucci with Lucas Rockwood on Yoga Body Podcast

What Is Your Mitochondrial Age

Dr Pucci with Kitty Martone on the Stuff Your Doctor Should Know podcast

Dr Doug Pucci Talks Functional Medicine

Dr Pucci with Nicolette Richer on Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Tips To Boost Brain Energy

Dr Pucci with Alexa Schirm on Simple Roots Radio

Examining Illness Through the Lens Of Functional Medicine

Dr Pucci with Dave Sherwin on The Dirobi Show

Getting To the Root Cause Of Health Issues

Dr Pucci with Cory Conklin on The Simple Low-Carb Lifestyle Podcast

Rock Bottom Wellness Podcast

with Tiffany Flaten

The 15-Minute Matrix Podcast

with Andrea Nakayama

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