Are We A Good Fit?

At Pucci Wellness, our TOP priority is getting to the root of your symptoms, partnering with you through our signature process to develop new strategies for better coping. 

How It Works

My formula starts with us getting to know you, taking time to listen, educate and share with you our findings. That kind of 1-on-1 “extra” attention takes time to develop and requires lots of experience…which I have.

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Wondering If Pucci Wellness Is Right For You?

Typically, I receive only the most complex cases from patients who are desperate for care and motivated by results. This is not cookie-cutter stuff, and requires a better, what I call a “project-based approach” to evaluate the numerous imbalances and where to begin. As I often tell my patients, “There’s a reason why I’m not your first doctor, I’m your tenth”. And it’s because there have been a lot of missteps up until now.

Take the First Step

Do you have questions about your best path back to health? Our front desk is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have and explain the process.

Free Discovery Call

A short 15 minute call to gather a few important details, assist you in finding resources, and set up for a consult.

Initial Consult

A coordinated, in-depth 60 to 75 minute review of your personal health history, prior lab results, and review of systems to make our assessment.

Functional Evaluation

Patients that are prepared to move forward with functional lab testing will launch their program with a complete diagnostic workup.

Heart-Centered Care

Patients find us after having been to doctor after doctor, often having been overlooked or feeling “anonymous” in the system. Our program and devotion to driving the process are designed to help overcome that. 

Person-to-Person Communication

At Pucci Wellness we have central belief that technology is meant to bring us closer not farther apart. We have felt firsthand the powerful transformation of purpose into action that was part of a genuine evolution to use the tools to not feel insecure or alone.

A Focus On Science and You

A central feature of functional medicine and our workup is about the data we collect and how we personalize those results to your own day circumstances. Functional laboratory tests provide insights that are meant to humanize clinical decision-making, and guide the course of care.

Schedule Your Precision Wellness Assessment

Embrace the Future Of You.

If you have a desired reality that feels worlds apart from your current life, I’m offering you a way out. The only way for us to bridge that gap is to begin a conversation about what is motivating you & how I can help.

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