Functional Medicine

Caring for your health properly is so much more than just taking care of individual areas of your body. At Pucci Wellness, we follow a Functional Medicine approach that treats the unified system of your body, holistically.

With current medical research, we have discovered that the body is a complex collection of organs, systems and even bacterial colonies (the microbiome) that greatly influence each other.

And while the standard of care hasn’t quite “caught up” yet with most of the current science, functional medicine is outpacing the conventional approach by connecting the dots on what is working and what is not.

Sadly, most patients receive medications to treat symptoms when, in reality, it’s a systemic issue that needs to be addressed.

In addition, conventional medicine doesn’t consider you are born with unique health needs: genetic and environmental factors, epigenetics in the gut microbiome, as well as the nurturing you are exposed to  – each person’s body has a very unique health profile.

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It’s no wonder people go from doctor to doctor and never find the answers to their illness! Conventional medicine is missing the mark when it comes to effectively treating many chronic illnesses caused by aging, environment and diet, hormonal imbalances, and food sensitivities because they try to treat symptoms with medication. In fact, we find with our patients that while they may share the same symptoms, they frequently suffer from very different imbalances.

That’s why at Pucci Wellness, we follow a more modern “functional medicine” approach that incorporates advanced functional lab testing and relies on current nutritional science to help you rebalance and finally heal.

This in-depth approach is the only successful way of treating chronic disorders because most chronic illness have many causes:

Instead of simply addressing different symptoms across separate areas, functional medicine seeks to treat the underlying root cause – while looking at lifestyle factors such as diet, environment, emotional health, and mindset that usually brings on the illness patients are seeking to heal.

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What happens under our care?

  • We prioritize you. A medical diagnosis is only a label; it says nothing about you. In our relationship we listen, really listen to what is going on inside and how best to help you.
  • We utilize a no stone unturned policy, if need be, and never take a wait-and-see treatment approach. Dr Pucci is never at a loss for what steps you can take or what to do next
  • We utilize the most modern and advanced natural forms of healing and supportive care.
  • Patients are taught how to take a more active role in their own health and will learn up-to-date nutritional science & lifestyle modifications that can boost their health and overall wellness for a lifetime.

Since our founding, we have provided life-changing care for patients with a wide array of health conditions:

  • Digestive Disorders (GERD, heartburn, IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s, Colitis
  • Cardiometabolic Disorders (Hypertension, Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes, Blood Sugar & Lipid Imbalances)
  • Autoimmune Conditions (IBD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, MS & Lupus, Hashimoto’s)
  • Hormonal Imbalances (Feeling “Tired & Wired”, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, PCOS, PMS, Hot Flashes, Painful Periods, Mood Swings)
  • Balance Disorders (Vertigo, Meniere’s, Dizziness, Fear of Falling)
  • Energy Issues, Stress & Chronic Pain (Fatigue & Low Energy, Adrenal Issues, Fibromyalgia, and so on)
  • Cognitive Issues  (“Brain Fog”, Memory Concerns, Difficulty Concentrating, Poor Focus, and so on)

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