The ABCs Of Better Men’s Health & Fitness

What makes a man great? Is it having the biggest muscles, the best appetite, or even the most amount of bravery? Is being a good man rooted in becoming a great husband, father, nephew, or brother?

So-called “Dad strength” is about answering this question: Is there something beyond just hormones and biology to being a man that comes with age. I think the answer is yes, and that it’s about being a good human and thinking about the planet, and caring for each other, as a whole.

Accept New Challenges

If you’re someone who likes a challenge, then harness that instinct by running with it. Want to lose mid-section weight? Instead of trying to hit the gym (again), take 15 minutes each morning to hydrate with a fiber-fueled water tonic. Hydration not only lubricates the joints, but it gives the gut terrain the food it needs. Follow that up with an easy five-minutes on the treadmill to loosen up, bodyweight squats or lunges, and then a protein shake.

Challenge yourself to complete that new sequence of events 4-5 days a week for the next 30 days. Tell your loved ones to make note, and document your progress.

Break Bad Habits

What worked in our 20s and 30s can be the source of many health problems into the next decades. Ulcers, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes are all examples of an out-of-balance lifestyle. Anyone still eating take-out two or three times a week, skimping on veggies and binging on ice cream at night past a certain age will start to have problems with their health.

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The good news is most bad habits are reversible, but it takes a bit of foresight to do it. That’s what the higher brain function of “dad strength” is all about —the ability to make executive level decisions, and stick with them for the long run.

Cultivate An Evening of Peace

We all want to be celebrating having made it through the end of the day. In today’s social media and modern news era, that might mean tuning out and turning away. Relaxation is rejuvenating to our bodies and brains, and so is reflecting on what matters most: inner peace. Instead of ending the day with a stiff drink, an angry tirade or a belly flop into bed, try light gentle stretching, a good book, and maybe a refreshing mental break!

This softer underbelly of men’s health & fitness is something not often talked about that can be nurtured through practice. It doesn’t have to mean setting aside the weights, the sports, or even the competitive spirit. Indeed, it is about becoming well-grounded and more capable as a middle-aged man than ever before by using powerful soft dad skills. Read up on Better Health & Fitness For Men Of All Ages as originally published in Natural Awakenings magazine, and contact Pucci Wellness to learn the truth about how our bodies and brains work.

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