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Are You Fed Up With Taking Medications That Only Cover Up Symptoms Instead of Solving The Root Causes of Your Health Problems?

If You Answered “YES”, Then Be Sure to Watch This Important Video…

– Dr. Douglas J Pucci, DC, FAAIM –
Functional Medicine Pioneer With 30 Years of Experience
In Functional Medicine, Neurology & Nutrition

I am a huge fan of Dr. Pucci, and functional medicine as a pathway to health.

Before coming to him, I tried various things, which did help to some degree, including chiropractic and getting orthotics, as well as sleeping pills and pain meds/creams, as well as trials of other medications. I would slog through life, using any precious moments in which I had energy to do the absolutely necessary tasks to get by. I tried various medications and a slower lifestyle. On several days, I was so weak, I had to use a cane to make it to my appointments. I had tried every medication and several types of doctors, including rheumatologists, psychiatrists, sleep studies and specialists, neurologists, etc.

Finally, and after years of suffering, I met Dr. Pucci and my life took an uphill turn, immediately, from there.

Dr. Pucci was warm and gracious and generous with his time. He knew what questions to ask to deeply and thoroughly assess my health, questions and lines of inquiry no one else had ever asked! Every diet change, physical and neurological exercise, and nutritional supplement was thoughtfully prescribed, according to the unique needs of my body in that particular time frame. Dr. Pucci both followed the lead of the changes my body was making, while having an overarching plan of how to lead me back to health.

Things gradually began to change, as the layers of pain, brain fog, and fatigue slowly melted away. Although there were ups and downs along the way, as my body gently changed, within 5 months I was ready to participate fully in life again. From that time, my strength, clarity, and energy continued to improve. Today I feel more vibrant and healthy than ever, and I know the ways to take care of my body so that I feel confident I will continue to experience good health long into the future.

I am now medication-free.” ~ Miriam, Bergen County, NJ

* Introducing The Root Cause Solution *

Uncommon Knowledge, Unique Insights & Powerful
Functional Medicine Secrets That’ll Transform Your Health

The Root Cause Solution contains some of the biggest health breakthroughs and insights I’ve discovered over the past 30 years in my practice regarding Functional Medicine. This is uncommon knowledge that most doctors either don’t want you to know or are too afraid to share with you.

The goal of this free 10-part informational video series is a simple one…

To help you make the positive shift from being chronically sick, frightened, and reliant on medications – to experience greater control over your own health in a much more natural, realistic, and functional way.

This is what Functional Medicine is all about.

“The Root Cause Solution is about peeling back the layers of health symptoms and finally helping you get to the underlying ROOT CAUSES of what ails you the very most.”

Here’s a Quick Sneak Peek of What You’ll Discover Inside the Root Cause Solution Free Series

A Quick Overview of Everything You’ll Get When You Sign Up For the Root Cause Solution

  • 10 In-Depth Functional Medicine Videos by Dr. Pucci
    These 10 online videos give a fantastic introduction to Functional Medicine. They cover a wide range of key insights and information that Dr. Pucci has discovered over his 30 years in practice.
  • The Root Cause Solution PDF Guide (Bonus)
    This is a complimentary PDF guide that you can download that contains a brief summary of each of the 10 videos found inside The Root Cause Solution informational series.
  • The Back on Track PDF Guide (Bonus)
    This short but information packed bonus guide answers a popular question that Dr. Pucci gets asked a lot by new patients – “Where and how do I start to get healthy?”.

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~Natacha W.

~Natacha W.

“I had told my husband, before I started coming here, that I would was going to die. Like, if I stayed with my regular doctor I’d be dead because he kept running the same tests and telling me I was fine. That it was all in my head. Look, I’m not crazy. They just keep ignoring me.”

~Johny M.

~Johny M.

“The doctor I went to told me that sometimes when I feel all these aches and pains, and I feel tired, or brain fog, and basically any symptom that is linked to thyroid, that it’s probably mostly mental. Can you believe that?!”

~Michael S.

~Michael S.

“I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate what you did today. It was one of the most magnanimous moments I’ve experienced with another person in a very long time.

Your generosity of spirit. Your passion to help, to really help the individual clearly came through to me three times more than it did the last time. If I wasn’t sure about if you were capable of treating my specific case before coming in, I walked out completely convinced that you would be a huge asset to what I’m doing and would truly complete the circle that I’ve envisioned and seen in my head.

You took your time to explain and inform on so many fronts. There’s no one more willing to change whatever is necessary and continue to make the changes in order to create my best self ever. My mission is very clear.

So thank you so much for today.

I’m excited to see you soon.

Meet Dr Pucci

Dr. Douglas J. Pucci, Founder, Pucci Wellness Center, is the Face of Functional Medicine

Dr Pucci is a premier functional medicine specialist, masterful communicator and educator in women’s and men’s health. In practice for 30+ years, he is Bergen County’s Face of Functional Medicine, One of Twelve Doctors To Watch, and the recipient of multiple awards, including for The Best Of in Oradell for Functional Medicine and Top Doctor in Trademark Publication’s Who’s Who Directory, Honor’s Edition.

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