3 Food Facts to Free Up Conversation about Weight

Have a question about diet? We all have watched what we eat, trying many different eating plans to get healthy, and maybe even lose a few pounds.

Take it from a functional medicine expert, there is no perfect food or one-size fits all dietary plan that works for all of us. Besides genetics, there are a host of other factors that include how well you metabolize the food you eat (especially the carbs), and whether there is some type of nutrient malabsorption or even a hormonal imbalance that can affect weight.

Being aware of these “Food Facts” can help you make eating a little more enjoyable and food preparation easier. By becoming mindful, you can learn to apply them as you find yourself fretting over what to eat.

>>>Develop a Health First-Approach to Diet

The fact is that “dieting” is much less successful in the long-term than eating for a healthy lifestyle. So, one of my tips is to think about the health of my gut microbiome when I eat, and to eat what makes it happy.

>>>Focus On Meal Timing, or Frequency of Eating

I often say that we eat for emotional comfort, instead of for what our bodies (and brain) need. And the truth is that our brains become hungry for sugar because it’s fast-acting, when what our microbiome wants is a steady supply of nutrients throughout the day.

>>>Ditch the Low Fat, High Cholesterol Myth

Nothing has been so destructive to our health and our diet as the “low fat” myth. In fact, healthy dietary fats are essential to hormonal balance, brain health, and are “neuro” protective; not to mention that they provide the body a sustainable fuel source to burn.

Low fat has led to high sugar throughout our diets and our lifestyles, causing an epidemic of brain and body diseases from diabetes to dementia. Read up on 3 Functional Facts About Diet (For Healthy Weight) as originally published in Natural Awakenings magazine, and contact Pucci Wellness to learn the truth about how our bodies and brains work.

Doug Pucci, DC, founder of Pucci Wellness, is a functional medicine doctor in Oradell, specializing in brain-body care, hormone balance and inflammation. Get registered for his free 5-Step “Living Lightly” program by visiting the home page at getwell-now.com.

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