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3 Food Facts to Free Up Conversation about Weight

Have a question about diet? We all have watched what we eat, trying many different eating plans to get healthy, and maybe even lose a few pounds. Take it from a functional medicine expert, there is no perfect food or one-size fits all dietary plan that works for all of us. Besides genetics, there are

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False Dieting Beliefs

3 False Beliefs Harmful To Health That Prevent Weight Loss

Facts about cholesterol, calories, and dieting itself, overturn false beliefs about weight loss and what we know about getting healthy Almost everyone has tried a “diet plan”, which is generally unsustainable (and often unsafe), or yields only temporary results. If you pay close attention to weight loss ads, or online articles and videos, you’ll notice

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Detoxify at Night… Even While You Sleep!

The loss of circadian rhythm threatens our body’s internal defenses and weakens our ability to function We know that sleep is critical to achieving and maintaining good health, but how much do we consider it as part of our body’s ability to release toxins and drop weight? When we’re asleep—particularly when we’re in deep sleep—three

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Engage Your Brain’s Love of Routine & Curiosity for Change

New healthy habits that produce weight loss don’t just simply drop into our laps, they happen because we’ve made a few tweaks and established new norms. There’s a term of art used in business called kaizen. It means constant and never-ending continuous improvement, and it’s a great philosophy to live by. Specifically, it’s the idea

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Release Toxic Stress Belly & Hormonal Weight Gain

A lot can be done to transition gracefully into each phase of adulthood for women—and men—by gaining a foothold against stress and managing hormones The subject of stress and hormones is important for everyone—both men and women. Women tend to have more questions about the role hormones play with regard to weight, particularly weight changes

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Activate Your Engine of Weight Loss

Revitalize the intestinal terrain —your gut—with healthy nutrients your microflora need We hear a lot about metabolism when talking about weight loss, but what is it? The foods and liquids we take in (as well as the oxygen we breathe) all convert to energy our bodies need to process nutrients for growing tissues, making and

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Conquer the Dieting Myth

Overcoming false beliefs about food, dieting, and health, and taking personal inventory about why it matters can yield lasting weight loss results Almost everyone has tried a “diet plan”, which either is unsustainable (often unsafe), or yields only temporary results. Instead, let’s shift the focus to what can be done to start getting healthier… To

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Constant Sugar Cravings? Take Control of Blood Sugar

Fluctuating glucose supply throughout the day is destabilizing to brain health and increases the likelihood of addictive and other mood-altering behaviors It’s maybe a “trick question”, but which is worse: having low blood sugar or having high blood sugar? The answer is—they’re both equally bad. Worse still are the fluctuations in blood sugar, called glucose,

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