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Mini-Course: Conquering Chronic Health Issues....Naturally!

The Root Cause Solution Bonus Guides

To read or to download these PDF guides, simply click on the below graphics or
right click the links and choose “Save As” to save them to your computer.

  • The Root Cause Solution FREE PDF Guide – Click Here to Download This is a complimentary PDF guide that you can download that contains a brief summary of each of the 10 information-packed videos found inside The Root Cause Solution series.

  • The Back on Track FREE PDF Guide – Click Here to Download This short but information packed bonus guide answers a popular question that Dr. Pucci gets asked a lot by new patients – “Where and how do I start to get healthy?”.


  • Once you’ve gone through all of the videos and materials in The Root Cause Solution informational series, why not take advantage of my other on-line teachings, Radio Show, and monthly DEEP DIVE webinar?

Note: If you would like to learn more about how we can work together, or have questions about my Signature 90-Day Functional Baseline “Discovery” Program, please schedule a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call. My team will work with you to determine if we are a good fit and will help move you to next steps. 

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How To Get The Most Out Of The Mini-Course

Step 1: BONUS! I’ve sent an email with my “Get Your Health Back On Track” quickstart guide, the perfect compliment to this mini course. If you don’t see it in
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Step 3Join our private community with like-minded health seekers that are on the same journey as you.

Step 4: Scroll down to enjoy the course content!

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This is for people who are ready to finally break free from chronic wellness issues
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