3 Questions To Ask Before Taking Antidepressants

Not crazy about taking antidepressants for a health concern that could be resolved? Learn where to draw a “red line” before routinely accepting more meds.

Have you been given a prescription for anti-depressants that you didn’t feel right about? Maybe the prescription was simply masking some other critical insight about your health that your doctor was too busy to notice?

Before making any big decision that affects you personally or affects your family, the question you should probably ask yourself is: Should I accept this diagnosis?

Many people are being improperly diagnosed and increasingly medicated for depression or some other disease pathology that is completely reversible because it’s easier to dismiss the complaint than get to the root of it. Are you truly depressed or has your doctor landed on this diagnosis because they couldn’t find the real reason you feel “off”?

Learn the 3 questions every patient should ask themselves and where to draw a red line before making a decision that affects you and your whole family. Click the “Orange” Button below to receive the Full Series and my FREE Bonus Guides.

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