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Navigating the Hormonal Rollercoaster: A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Hormonal Health

From Perimenopause to Post-Menopause, Unraveling the Complex World of Hormones and Empowering Women to Thrive Table of Contents A New Approach to Women’s Hormonal Health Navigating the Hormonal Rollercoaster of Perimenopause Deciphering the Complex Web of Women’s Hormones Hormone Testing: A Window into Women’s Health Conclusion: Embracing Your Hormonal Health Journey Next Steps 1. A

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Constant Sugar Cravings? Take Control of Blood Sugar

Fluctuating glucose supply throughout the day is destabilizing to brain health and increases the likelihood of addictive and other mood-altering behaviors It’s maybe a “trick question”, but which is worse: having low blood sugar or having high blood sugar? The answer is—they’re both equally bad. Worse still are the fluctuations in blood sugar, called glucose,

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Woman with Abdominal Pain

Painful, Moody Periods? Getting Beyond the Birth Control Pill

Functional medicine offers the chance for relief from debilitating premenstrual symptoms using a whole body approach that considers brain and gut function in addition to hormones Debilitating PMS goes far beyond monthly mood swings and bloating—it can interrupt a woman’s daily life and cause severe physical distress. Enter the standard medical answer to almost any

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