Ageless Health with 3 Easy Fitness Secrets That Unlock the Fountain of Youth

Unlock the Fountain of Youth with These Time-Tested Movement & Mobility Routines

Fitness Secrets

“Me thinks that the minute my legs begin to move my thoughts begin to flow, as if I had given vent to the stream at the lower end and consequently new fountains flowed into it at the upper.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Let’s face it, the aging process can be a difficult transition for most people. There comes a time when people start to face physical limitations such as not being able to move or perform simple tasks as easily as before. Muscles get weaker. Energy levels drop. Range of mobility decreases. These kinds of body changes can be especially heartbreaking for those who’ve always had a passion for physical activity and love stepping out into Mother Nature.

Now to the good news. There are three easy ways to keep your body and mind moving even as you grow older day by day that can greatly improve your overall health and personal vitality. Let’s dive into these now…

Secret #1: Keep on Movin’

The first fitness secret is based on cardiovascular activity. This includes aerobic exercise and it’s one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and responsive as you age. Regular exercise helps your body maintain muscle mass, increase blood flow and oxygen intake, and improves mood – and that’s just for starters. By integrating cardiovascular activities such as walking two to three times per week, you can delay or even prevent many age-related illnesses that people fear the most, including brain decline. Choose a cardio activity that you love to do and be sure to do it often. It could be walking, riding a bike, swimming, or hiking.

Secret #2: Stress Those Muscles!

The second fitness secret is based on strength training. Strength training is essential for any healthy lifestyle, no matter your age – but even more important is your standing strength. As you age, your body begins to lose muscle mass which can be detrimental to your physical health. On average, adults who don’t do any form of muscle strength training on a regular basis can lose up to 4-6 pounds of muscle every decade. As muscles get weaker, this can limit one’s ability to do the things they once loved, or even the simplest of tasks. It can also decrease balance and coordination, which can increase the chances of bone-breaking falls. The good news is, there are simple strength training exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home that don’t require lots of equipment. And most of all, they don’t take up too much time either.

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Secret #3: Stay Flexible & Nimble

The third fitness secret is based on flexibility. Flexibility training is imperative as you age to help improve your overall mobility, range of motion, and to also reduce pain/stiffness throughout the body. Simple stretching exercises and yoga are great forms of flexibility training that, when done regularly, can help improve balance, increase circulation, and range of motion. But the benefits don’t stop there. By remaining flexible, you can also reduce your risk of developing musculoskeletal diseases or other related issues as you age. These issues can include everything from muscle and joint pain (arthritis), poor posture, sprains, overuse injuries, and even fatigue and sleep problems like insomnia. Feel better and relieve tension in this full body stretching routine.

As you can see, consistent movement and mobility of your body are the biggest secrets for maintaining optimal health and vitality as you age. And a little can go a long way when it comes to cardio, strength, or flexibility exercises. Plus, not only are these exercises good for your body and your general health as you age, but they’ll do wonders for your mental health as well. A big WIN-WIN for you!

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