Creating A Long Life

We believe that health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of well-being. At Pucci Wellness, it’s our goal to help you create a vibrant life, for feeling good in your body!

What is the price for good health?

When you’re sick, you realize that without your well-being there’s less freedom to fully enjoy life. Health is the life force!

What we want is to sustain that feeling of ownership you have over your well-being. This includes having the science behind optimal wellness.The balancing of hormones and gut health, eating the proper diet to reduce inflammation and avoiding the pitfalls of modern life.

Sustainable health is about sustaining you!

Sadly, conventional medicine does little in the way of prevention or focusing on the systems that rule your immunity. Most primary care providers aren’t trained (nor have the time in a standard 7-minute visit) to teach you how to keep chronic illness at bay – by healing your gut health, balancing hormone health, and feeding your brain with the correct foods.

Conventional medical training also treats each organ as separate and  doesn’t take into account that all these systems are not only deeply linked but they can also impact each other when one is out of balance.

This is why it’s important to supplement your existing care approach when your needs go beyond acute care – which is why you should partner with a qualified Functional Medicine practitioner.

As Functional Medicine practitioners, we prioritize specific aspects and principles of health. In our programs, we empower you with the knowledge and coaching that you can implement today.

  • Functional Medicine Testing – This in-depth and more sophisticated form of lab testing allows us to see exactly which systems are out of balance and how they may be impacting each other.
  • A Focus on Gut Health, The Core of Your Immune System – Your gut health is ruled by helpful bacteria (your microbiome) and is key when it comes to good health.
  • Food As Medicine- You eat everyday. And food is either life-sustaining or not. It supports your return to health and is core to what your  body needs right now. That’s why we combine the most current, nutritional diet with the findings from your testing to find the most healing diet for you.
  • Reduced Toxicity- Sadly, our food, water, and earth are more polluted than ever, which has increased our body burden. Pollution can have detrimental effects on brain | body, and many man-made toxins such as heavy metals. molds and chemicals have passed onto next generations and found their way into our food and water sources.

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Embrace the Future Of You.

If you have a desired reality that feels worlds apart from your current life, I’m offering you a way out. The only way for us to bridge that gap is to begin a conversation about what is motivating you & how I can help.

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