The Hormone Game of Life

Unfortunately, when doctors hear that you’re tired, they chock it up as a sign of aging (even when you’re as young as, say, 40)! Or, they call it “stress”.

What I have discovered in years of working with patients who suffer with fatigue issues is that if they don’t get their energy back they cannot return to normal life! I’ve found that with a few simple tweaks under my care, this return to energy is among the first symptoms to change.

In this short video I talk about the “Hormone Game of Life”, the two pathways for hormone expression (surviving vs thriving). This is among the things we check for through testing —-are you sympathetic dominant; meaning, are you in cortisol overload and suffering stress physiology.

This tug-of-war between the gut and the brain disturbs the gut ecology, shifts hormones and immune system health, and results in all kinds of energy mismatches throughout the body. Our bodies no longer can devote their energy resources to growth, nurture and repair. 


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