Nutrient Evaluation For Optimal Health, Reverse Aging and Cellular Detox


Genova’s nutritional profiles are breaking new ground!

The NutrEval, and its subpanels, have been redesigned and reimagined to offer even greater actionable results! These nutritional profiles help us identify what’s causing distress and treat those imbalances that are the cornerstones of good health. This test is part of our systems-based approach to looking under the hood and finding out where we can make a few simple tweaks with lasting results.¬†

Patients have been taught to think of “nutrition” as having enough “Vitamin A’s, B’s, and C’s”, and to only worry about insufficiency when they hear about a new formula in the news or learn about disease.

In fact, a patient does not have to present with malabsorption signs and symptoms to have underlying nutritional imbalances that affect how our bodies function at the cellular level.

NutrEval is a most comprehensive functional and nutritional assessment for functional wellbeing, and includes a look at the following:

  • Organic Acids –¬†providing insight into nutritional cofactor needs, digestive issues, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter metabolism, detoxification, and now Oxalates!
  • Oxidative Stress –¬†indicating problems with antioxidant capacity and oxidative damage
  • Amino Acids –¬†essential and nonessential amino acids to indicate dietary intake, maldigestion or malabsorption, and amino acid metabolism – these can be assessed in either plasma or first morning void urine
  • Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids –¬†reflecting dietary intake and metabolism of fatty acids measured in RBC’s to assess important fatty acid imbalances
  • Nutrient & Toxic Elements –¬†providing a window into short-term exposures to various toxins along with direct evaluation of key minerals

Why A Nutrient Evaluation Test?

The NutrEval Plasma is one of the most comprehensive nutritional profiles available assessing a broad array of macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as markers that give insight into digestive function, toxic exposure, mitochondrial function, and oxidative stress.

Conventional nutritional panels include tests such as complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, iron, ferritin and other select nutrients. The NutrEval is not meant to be a substitute for this important testing, but rather a complement by providing additional information.

Biomarkers are grouped and scored in 5 key areas relating to cellular health and function:

  1. Need for Antioxidant Support (Elevated Oxidative Stress)
  2. Need for Mitochondrial Support (Low Energy Production by the Mitochondria in the cell)
  3. Need for Omega Fatty Acid Support (Elevated Inflammatory Markers)
  4. Need For Increased Phase I & II Detoxification Support (Elevated Toxic Exposure)
  5. Need For Increased Cellular Detoxification (Methylation Imbalance)

Lifestyle conditions often associated with nutrient deficiencies that benefit through targeted support

    • Mood disorders
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Obesity/ Insulin resistance/ Type 2 Diabetes
    • Fatigue
    • Weight Issues / Dietary Guidance
    • Malnutrition often observed in the elderly
    • Maldigestion/Malabsorption
    • Increased nutrient demand in athletes
    • Increased nutrient demand in physical trauma/healing

 At Pucci Wellness, we consider this test foundational for any type of health imbalance because whether it is hormones, gut, brain, or immune health, all these systems are interconnected.

Life processes begin at the cellular level and so does disease. And so one of the ways we can tell whether our cells are getting the fuel they need is by assessing their nutrient deficiencies.

There are various ways of assessing nutrient status, including what are called “intra”cellular and “extra”cellular measurements. Urine “metabolites” are an example of “extracellular” material, or evidence, that has been discarded into the waste stream once the cell has utilized what it can.

NutrEval also is able to take a direct measurement of biochemical pathway markers, called enzymes, that require specific nutrient cofactors in order to properly “metabolize”. In other words, those nutrients that will assist in converting food into fuel to power the energy needs of our body.¬†

So, those minerals, omega fatty acids, the complex of B vitamins, and more —the NutrEval uses a combination of these methods and synthesizes the information via an algorithm for you.

Dr Pucci then takes that information and customizes it for your own personal health needs.

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