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Pucci Wellness is Bergen County’s premier NYNJ Area Functional Medicine expert in practice more than 30+ years.

If you’re feeling stuck or trapped in the “medication merry-go-round”, wasting time running from one doctor’s appointment to the next without a plan, then let me show you a way forward. 

Feel Like Your True Self Again.

Your Guide to Getting Your Health Back On Track

Tired of always hustling to explain your “symptoms” or your “history” and not seeing results? Want to get healthy but unsure of where to start?

Gain New Knowledge That Will Help You Begin Putting Back Together the Pieces of Your Life

If you want to get healthy but don’t know where to start, subscribe and receive Dr Pucci’s FREE Decision Guide to Getting Your Health Back On Track:

  • Discover the Power of Personalized Care
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  • Gain the 1-On-1 Guidance You Desperately Need
Includes Dr. Pucci’s “Orientation Training” to give you perspective & insight using case histories, explanation into the web of what’s troubling you, and more.

Discover Your Root Cause Solution the Pucci Wellness Way

You have big goals, inspiring dreams, and a lot of ambition, but you’ve found that overcoming health challenges alone isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

Wondering if there are steps you can take right now that will super-charge the process?

Is your effort to overhaul your health and improve your life not gaining traction?

Do you need help getting clarity about your precise health challenge through testing?

Is it increasingly harder to sort out what to believe from social-media stars, self-help gurus and other Internet personalities?

Have you wasted enough time chasing down specialists in every department only to be given the runaround time and again?

Could you use a guide who can show you the ropes and help you get unstuck?

We're At This a Long Time

Back in 2010, after having been in practice for 20+ years, I pivoted away from chiropractic and into a new brand of wellness by launching the Thyroid Recovery Formula tailored to women & men who suffered from Hashimoto’s.

“Unlike many doctors, even those who dabble in it, I speak ‘functional medicine’ fluently. It’s more than a side gig or another tool in the tool belt, it’s my passion! ~Dr. Douglas J. Pucci, Founder

In the years since, my team and I have introduced thousands of patients to our prestige-driven Pucci Wellness brand, helping women & men get their lives back on track: 

As a pioneer in the functional medicine space, and an expert in the art of healing, Dr Pucci will save you heartache & time by discovering a smarter approach to your health challenge.

Discover A Smarter Approach To Your Health Challenge

Restore balance, resolve pesky, nagging problems that won't heal, and discover your root cause solution with Pucci Wellness

Healing Protocol & Strategy Development

At Pucci Wellness Center we have access to top vendors from across the country and around the world, and we utilize those with proven benefits to get the job done. All our patients will be provided access to one of our dispensaries, including FullScript, and practitioner codes for greater self sufficiency.


Root Cause Focus Area Packages

As with nutritional supplements, there is no shortage of suppliers and manufacturers when it comes to testing. Our #1 priority assessment is to identify for you what is necessary to achieve desired and “actionable” results, and choose only those laboratories that meet our standards and direct the course of care.

Signature 1-to-1 Health Expertise

Designed to truly level up your health, our Signature 90-Day Functional Medicine baseline package is how we integrate you into our practice and personalize the process for you. We give you our full attention, including hours of 1-to-1 time with Dr Pucci so that you can implement your results.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Hormones!

Hormone Rebalancing Program: Get the Blueprint

Register and receive "3 things every woman should know (& her doctors too) when treating hormones"

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Are you ready to get your health back on track? Gain new knowledge to begin putting back together the pieces of your life.

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