Frequently Asked Questions

Review some of the most frequently asked questions listed below and feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Email us at or call (201) 261-5430.

We look forward to partnering with you along your journey towards vibrant health!

Scheduling & Visits

After contacting the office, you will be set up for a Discovery call. The Discovery process is our way of getting on the same page as you in an open, transparent manner so that nothing is missed. 

The Discovery call is a FREE 15-minute Zoom appointment (that you can schedule from the home page) where we can meet face-to-face and talk together. The Discovery call is not a Dr’s appointment but it is an opportunity for you to ask questions and see if we are a right-fit for the type of care you are seeking.

Once you’ve completed Discovery we will send you Dr Pucci’s forms and instructions where you can provide the necessary details of your health history.

To start, we like to send out a script for blood work that you can take to any of the major blood draw centers such as Lab Corp, Quest or BioReference. Once this is in, we will chart this out on our functional worksheet and schedule you for a 75 minute consultation with Dr Pucci.

We have found telehealth to be suprisingly successful! Not only do you have our undivided attention, but the wait times are close to zero and all the same materials are shared on-screen, together. 

Typically, we schedule all our initial consults toward the first part of the week and then invite any in-person follow up (picking up test kits, reviewing nutrition, and so on) toward the end of the week on Thurs/Fri.

We are in communication throughout this process and will coordinate with you via text, email or phone call depending on your preference.

The best way to meet with Dr Pucci is to get on his schedule. To do that, call the office or shoot a quick note to the front desk (Cynthia).

If you have documents that you need to send us, email those to

Once you become a patient, you will have access to Practice Better, our on-line portal where you can access your lab results and communicate any clinical questions.

All new patients will be enrolled as part of a package, or what we call a Program. Within the program you have regular access to the office, including for face to face sessions with Dr Pucci. This will all make sense to you as you go along but suffice to say we partner with you every step of the way to get you scheduled, deal with any last minute accommodations, and so on. 

Remember, our’s is the experience of what a Doctor’s Office should be! It’s not the terrifying experience of your past adventures. 

Billing & Insurance

Up till now you have probably been on a Sick Care journey. That is what our current medical system is designed to address: acute, emergency crises and infectious disease.

Once you step out into the world of Functional Medicine you are leaving that behind, except in times of need, to begin a Wellness Journey. The good news is there is a lot more to health then the absence of infirmity or disease and finally, in the wellness model, you can begin to connect the dots on some of what ails you.

Our healthcare system is not designed to address your chronic, longstanding health needs. 

In-network: Anyone with major medical insurance or an insurance policy bought through the ACA Exchange can utilize those benefits to get his or her blood drawn. Your insurance carrier generally has a preferred lab (e.g. Lab Corp or Quest or BioReference) and we can help you determine that if you do not already know.

Out-of-Network: Dr Pucci is considered out-of-network, meaning that he is not contracted with any insurance carriers and is also nonpar with Medicare. This is because he has been in practice for decades and has years of accumulated wisdom that would be restricted by your insurance carrier.

It’s crucial to understand that if one of the reasons you have not received results you want from the traditional healthcare route, it’s because you have only received what insurance allows: pharmaceutical drugs and other life-saving interventions. 

We use several independent laboratories across the nation to get the clinical biomarkers we need.

New Jersey is unique in that there is no third-party payor system, meaning that all labs are available with no mark-up, at the doctor’s fee, in what is called “Prompt Pay” or “Self Pay” to the lab. Every lab has its own requirements. 

In a very general sense, the average lab costs about $350 out of pocket

Take the first step today on your

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Do you have questions about our programs and where to start? We are standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if Pucci Wellness is right for you.

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