Frequently Asked Questions

Review some of the most frequently asked questions listed below about what you might expect working with a functional medicine doctor.

If you still have questions not answered below, then book a time to chat using my on-line scheduler.

Scheduling & Visits

To find out how you can become a patient, please feel free to set up a courtesy phone call, called the Discovery call.

The Discovery call is an easy way to select a convenient time where we can focus on you.

During those initial 15 minutes most patients are able to get detailed answers about exactly how to become a patient.

After the Discovery call, we typically start with a new blood test and a round up of your prior records.

You will get a copy of my welcome letter and Quick Start guide to assist with the onboarding process.

The scrip can be taken to any of the major blood draw centers such as Lab Corp, Quest or BioReference.

Once this is in, we will book you for a 75 minute initial consult & follow up in-office exam.

Along with a new blood test, your New Client Package includes both an initial consult & functional exam + program content to help jumpstart the healing process. 

For additional information, start by downloading your copy of my Onboarding Planner.

The onboarding process allows you access to our on-line portal, called Practice Better, where you will be able to upload your prior labs & access the components of your package.

Click here to book the New Client package.

Both sessions are typically booked during the Discovery call & scheduled during your enrollment into the New Client Package.

If you have not been scheduled, and would like further assistance, please contact my office manager, Cynthia at (201) 390-7502

Billing & Insurance

Your initial blood work is in-network, meaning that it is covered in part or in full by insurance.

In-network: Anyone with major medical insurance or an insurance policy bought through the ACA Exchange can utilize those benefits to get his or her blood drawn. Your insurance carrier generally has a preferred lab (e.g. Lab Corp or Quest or BioReference) and we can help you determine that if you do not already know.

[+] Importantly, my status as an out-of-network provider does not impact your ability to receive a blood test in-network and have it covered by insurance.

  • Beyond blood work, all other labs we order for you will be included within the total cost of your “Better Me” Test Package, and are non-covered by insurance.

Dr Pucci is considered out-of-network, meaning that he is not contracted with any insurance carriers and is also nonpar with Medicare.

Why? Simply put, insurance carriers, including Medicare, are non-supportive of our mission to bring you root cause resolution to your health & wellness issues.

[+] Understand that Dr. Pucci has made it his personal mission to work outside the insurance model so that he can bring you the experience of healthcare as it should be (and give you the solution you want).

  • More to the point, insurance carriers actively govern the kind of care you can receive and the amount of time you get with your doctor.

A superbill is the main data source for creation of a healthcare claim, which is intended to be submitted to payers (insurances, funds, programs) for reimbursement.

Due to their administrative burden, and also because they interfere with our mission, we cannot agree to provide you with individualized super bills for you to submit on your own.

What we can offer is a receipt.

What I often explain to patients is that there are many different ways to achieve results, but it depends on several factors: how severe is your case, what resources do you have, how supportive are those around you. 

For me to really partner with you 1-on-1 and help you learn how take control of your own health destiny, I need to be able to run some tests and spend quality time together.

At the start of care you will have an outline of your costs, including a list of what is inside your package —your tests, my time, the back-end support, and so on, is all included within the pricing.

You will not receive any surprise or balance billing.

Schedule Your Precision Wellness Assessment

Embrace the Future Of You.

If you have a desired reality that feels worlds apart from your current life, I’m offering you a way out. The only way for us to bridge that gap is to begin a conversation about what is motivating you & how I can help.

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