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Join me, Dr Pucci + Team Pucci Wellness in this short minicourse about the search for root cause healing and gain access to stacks of additional resources!

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  • What to do when the medications fail
  • Why your most pressing health complaints fall on deaf ears
  • How to gain access to better testing and finally resolve some of your chronic health ailments
  • Where to look for better answers and what’s at the root of your concerns

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
7-8:30pm EST

Featuring 5 Expert Speakers
giving you the inside scoop!

Hosted by Dr. Douglas J. Pucci
Pucci Wellness

Helping You Make 2021
Your Best Year Ever!

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What I Believe Health
Practitioners Should Focus On

dr pucci reviewing case file of motivated client

A special message from Dr. Pucci.

“To say we LEARNED A TON in the process of creating this minicourse for you is an understatement. Indeed, we brought our desire to educate you, to improve the health literacy of our community to a whole new level. Thank you to everyone who is reading this and signed up.
To be honest we weren’t sure how we were going to do this, what obstacles we’d have to overcome, if anyone would care or who would show up! Truthfully, creating this cours, birthing it into existence exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed our time and found this entire experience invigorating and you will too.

Today is only the beginning. I’d say we found our voice and have a clear message. To help all of you like-minded health seekers get to the bottom, to find the root cause, to begin the healing, I encourage you to register by clicking the button, below.
Thank you

~Dr Pucci

Meet Dr. Douglas J. Pucci

Dr. Pucci is a functional medicine pioneer who was honored in 2020 to receive both The Best Of 2020 Awards for Functional Medicine in Oradell, NJ, and entry into Trademark Publications’ Who’s Who Directory, Honors Edition, for his work. He provides comprehensive testing for health biomarkers, advanced discovery into brain/body well-being with personalized nutrition for a diversity of people and symptoms.

The root of his treatment philosophy is about asking relevant questions and discovering why systems are imbalanced. In addition to clinical observation and proper testing, Dr Pucci also strives to educate patients by spending sufficient time with them explaining the results of their tests, but also how to see them in broader context. His three-pronged approach to treatment is dependent on:

  • A priority assessment of gut metabolism and which tests will best identify maldigestion, inflammation, gut dysbiosis and infections, particularly as they cause upstream complications and trigger unwanted symptoms.
  • A healthy brain and nervous system that is pain-free, optimized for performance and emotionally balanced.
  • A cascade of hormones in harmony with each other, including stress and adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones, male and female hormones, and with the neuro-endocrine-immune supersystem as a whole.

Dr Pucci is proud to offer decades of medical knowledge and is equally honored to be joined by such an exciting and experienced team.

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