5 Tips To Boost Brain Energy

Are you feeling foggy & weak? Or do you have a lack of motivation and drive? It could be that your brain is lacking energy.

That’s because your brain is a powerful organ. And the energy it needs to function proves that. Your brain is responsible for consuming 20% more energy than any other organ.

An energy-deprived brain can cause a range of debilitating diseases, including depression. Which was once formally thought of as a chemical imbalance is now known as an energy-starved brain. 

~ Alexa Schirm, host of Made for Living Well 

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Energy is the driving nutrient every cell in the body needs to thrive. The brain happens to take up more energy than any other part of the body.

Enhancing energy flow to the brain or other parts of the body is the most critical element in health. Here are five ways to boost your brain’s energy power.


Approximately 70% of your total energy is emotional. Meaning, what you feel emotionally is having a drastic impact on how you feel physically. But you know this. On those bad days that seem to be full of excess stress, you’re exhausted. And that exhaustion leads to brain exhaustion, a culprit in brain fog, inability to concentrate, and a lack of creativity.

One way to help with emotional energy is to become aware of how you feel without accepting it. Just because you feel it doesn’t mean it’s true. Instead, choose to take a deep breath and let it out. Letting go of emotions that don’t serve you.


Just like your body, your brain needs a certain set of nutrients and sugar to maintain strength. Brain cells are incredibly sensitive to these nutrients even more than other cells in the body. Make sure you eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables to achieve a healthy brain state. And skip the high inflammatory-causing foods like processed foods, sugar, and processed fats.


Eustress means beneficial stress with the prefix eu- meaning “good.” It sounds out of the ordinary that stress can produce results, but stress in the right way and mindset is energizing to the body. Work creates action and producing energy.

Your body was designed to work, so don’t fear it but use stress to your advantage. Do the hard workout, take a day of fasting and know your body is stronger than you realize.


There is a time to eat and a time to rest. That time of rest or is known as fasting, which is a powerhouse of healing—allowing space and time to clean up the cells and other toxins in the body that could pass through the blood-brain barrier or causing congestion in the bloodstream.

Every day fast for 12-16 hours in intermittent variables. On Monday, you may fast for 12 hours, Tuesday not at all, and Wednesday again for 12 hours. It doesn’t have to be consistent but find a rhythm that works for you, keeping with the rule monitor for brain.


Flow, flow, flow, flow, flow. Your body moves energy through a flow of nutrient-dense and oxygenated blood cells, which hand-delivers what each cell needs to thrive. Movement enhances blood cells’ flow, increasing oxygen and delivering more energy to each cell in the body.

Making movement one of the most energy-producing activities we engage with. It doesn’t have to be a specific type of workout or for a specific length of time. The most important thing is that you do it and you stick with it. Knowing any movement is enhancing blood energy and body energy.

Dr. Doug Pucci, Founder, Pucci Wellness, is a functional medicine expert in practice for 30+ years. Voted 1 of 12 Doctors to Watch my 201 Magazine, he was honored to receive both The Best Of 2020 Awards for Functional Medicine in Oradell, NJ, and entry into Trademark Publications’ Who’s Who Directory, Honors Edition, for his pioneering work.

Dr. Pucci provides comprehensive testing for health biomarkers, advanced discovery into brain+body well-being and personalized nutrition for a diversity of people and symptoms. Learn how functional medicine, neurology & nutrition can help you get back on track starting now. Get the brochure.

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