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~Morning time. It’s that critical time of your day that sets the foundation for success and health for the rest of your day – but are you getting started off on the right foot?~

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Improve Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing Thanks to These Super Simple ‘Tiny But Mighty’ Habits

Ten “Tiny But Mighty” Habits For Peak States Of Flow, Improved Energy, and Greater Mental Focus

Do your typical mornings consist of waking up, rushing around and getting dressed, grabbing a quick bite to eat, and then heading off to work?

Once you dive into your day, do you find yourself…quickly getting depleted both mentally and physically? Experiencing mood swings that range from irritable to easily angered? Craving unhealthy snacks which only adds on unwanted pounds of fat?

If you find that you experience any of these frustrating issues during your day, there’s an easy fix that can help you – and it all starts with your morning habits.

“After helping people over the course of 30 years to improve their health with a natural approach called Functional Medicine, I’ve discovered 10 powerful yet tiny habits that can make a huge positive impact on your health and daily happiness.”

In fact, I not only teach these habits to many of the wonderful people I help on a regular basis, but they work so well that I integrate these tiny morning habits into my own life as well. And I believe these simple habits have been pivotal to my personal success, health, and happiness.

I’ve called the culmination of these 10 tiny habits The Easy Breezy Morning Routine

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- Created by Dr. Douglas J Pucci, DC, FAAIM -
Functional Medicine Pioneer With 30 Years of Experience In Functional Medicine, Neurology & Nutrition
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“These 10 Tiny Morning Habits Will Help You Achieve Peak States of Flow, Boost Your Energy Levels & Improve Mental Clarity”

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"I didn’t realize how much chaos had consumed our day. Now that I have started to follow in Dr Pucci’s footsteps and begin our morning off right, some of my health challenges have become more manageable. I have the energy to stay for top of what I need to get done. We both practice mindful eating, starting with our morning water tonic and breakfast. It feels great!"
Maria & John P.
Fairlawn, NJ
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