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Autoimmune 101

Dr Pucci with Eileen Laird on Phoenix Helix Podcast https://getwell-now.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Ep._166a_Phoenix_Helix.mp3

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Constant Sugar Cravings? Take Control of Blood Sugar

Fluctuating glucose supply throughout the day is destabilizing to brain health and increases the likelihood of addictive and other mood-altering behaviors It’s maybe a “trick question”, but which is worse: having low blood sugar or having high blood sugar? The answer is—they’re both equally bad. Worse still are the fluctuations in blood sugar, called glucose,

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In Need Of Emotional First Aid? Go Sleep On It

The search for quality sleep leaves patients restless for answers…and a solution We’ve all heard the phrase “go sleep on it”—most of us have been given that advice when we’re dealing with a difficult problem or need to make a big decision. We now know that this advice is actually rooted in science, since our

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