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Register below for 4-Keys To Unleash Lost Energy. This group coaching program is loaded with a few of the simplest, eye-opening strategies for taking “swift action”, overcoming exhaustion, and recovering from burnout.

Your Body Is Sending You Warning Signs - Are You Listening?

Just because you’ve gotten older, doesn’t mean that you should settle for feeling lousy, scattered, bloated, anxious, or fatigued all the time!

Age is literally just a number. It really doesn’t have to define your life (or you) going forward.


No matter if you’re a man or woman who’s crossing into midlife – you’re probably here reading this message for one reason.

  • As a man – you may have noticed that your fear and frustration has grown. No matter how hard you try to monitor your food habits and stress, that blood pressure keeps going up. The aches are setting in and the routine medications for pain relief and heartburn no longer work. There are other problematic areas on your body as well and your doctor is talking about more drugs like statins, HBPs, and insulin.
  • As a woman – your concerns are with brain endurance and fatigue coupled with daily worries about how to keep your house and family in order. You’re wide awake with night sweats and brain foggy and irritable during the day. Even though you may try your best with diet and exercise, you need help knowing what works. You have avoided taking antidepressants.

Regardless of age, our bodies become more volatile, problematic, and more expensive than ever before over the years. And as we move beyond child-rearing and into our 50’s and 60’s, our life not only changes dramatically – but so does our bodies.

Here are just a few of the warning signs of an underlying metabolic health concern:

  • Poor concentration
  • Mental or brain fog
  • Low memory capacity
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or back pain
  • Metabolic triggers like food sensitivities and blood sugar
  • Exhaustion
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Hormonal and thyroid imbalances
  • Weight gain
  • Addiction (smoking, alcohol or drug abuse)
  • Gastric distress
  • Frequent infections (such as cold or flu)
  • Accelerated aging

Here’s the GOOD NEWS…

I have built a program that helps you get to the root without all the tests (unless you want the long-term data checkpoints), and which will allow you to implement a few strategies that have benefits for the whole family.

The approach I’m about to discuss with you will consider your ENTIRE mind + body health. This isn’t a one-sided approach that looks at only your gut, or an exhaustive workout routine that only depletes and wears down your body (and is not realistic or sustainable).

What I’m introducing is a program developed for you that will give you my exact blueprint for how to make lifelong transformative change.  “Metabolic Health Mastery” is designed to not only  help you investigate what is at the root of so many of those pressing health complaints, but it really offers a few simple strategies that can be incorporated into daily life, day in and day out. 

Discover the TRUE Meaning Of Metabolism and Tackle Your Own Metabolic Drivers Of Stress

In medicine, when we talk about “metabolism” we are generally referring to what provides power or fuels us throughout the day.


And “diseases of metabolism” are considered to be those that slow you down, cause you to put on weight, and trigger a cascade of troubling health-related events below the surface that lead to premature aging and death.

The truth is –When doctors talk about “metabolism” they are talking (basically) about life and the very real struggle inside our bodies, our brain neurology’s impulse to choose between to “surviving” or “thriving”; or, put another way, our body’s essential drive to reproduce or to be dead.

Learn the Stages of Cellular Aging

The ancient origins of low energy and fatigue are buried deep within our cells. The stages of decay and the nutrients that are necessary to help reverse premature decline and improve health happen at the cellular level, in our mitochondria!

It’s not always immediately evident to us, to the naked eye, that the life and death of a cell IS the story of our own health!

Inside our cells are chemical cycles, enzymatic processes, electron transport mechanisms, nutrient exchange, utilization of sugars, conversion into ATP molecules, and then the slow breakdown and decay. And that’s only the beginning.

The health and stability of our mitochondria is what contributes to the amount of energy we have on hand to perform tasks. How do you help these mitochondria thrive?

Find Your Own Energy Mismatch

Our genetic heritage is fixed, and yet so much in our immediate environment that affects epigenetics, or gene expression, is fluid and can change when we resolve the energy mismatches that slow metabolism and cause premature aging 

What causes disease? We talked about the energy in our cells that come from mitochondria, and how those little guys work their itty-bitty hearts out from the bacterial stage into us as humans today. And yet, our habits and lifestyles continue to outmatch  their ability to keep up.

What is the source of this energy mismatch?

Learn About Brain-Based Decision Making

The brain serves a purpose not simply to dream and think “heady” thoughts. Indeed it has the ability to make decisions and contains what we call “executive function”! But deep inside there is also a blueprint for primordial “fight or flight” instinct, called our “lizard” brain. Can we escape this?

Initiation of the stress response begins within the brain and activates release of a series of hormones, including cortisol to allay any sense of pain. 

These hormones regulate our body’s fight-or-flight response, which is important for preparing the body to quickly respond to immediate danger, such as avoiding a car accident. You might sense this as a heightened sense of awareness, an accelerated heart rate and rapid breathing.

In addition to heightened awareness, you will experience an increase in blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as decreased immune defense, poor digestion and a breakdown in muscle. We often use terms like “adrenal fatigue”, “thyroid fatigue”, and “brain fatigue” to explain a deep level of exhaustion brought on by a weakness in a particular organ or gland when in fact it’s our stress response.

Discover Which Of The 4 Key Stressors Rule Your Life!

A lot has changed in our environment and in us since those primitive days. We see those generational changes taking place when we peek back into our grandparents’ lives, look into our own, and  then our children’s, and grandchildren’s, and so on.

    • When we really start to examine illness, how much of it is caused by “genes” and how much of it is external?


    • What parts of it are under our control, and why does it seem as though so much of our society is out of whack?


  • Obesity rates, heart disease, early aging, dementia, diabetes, and so forth, are all what we would call “modern” diseases caused by lifestyle.

Not an individual lifestyle, per se, but human society’s lifestyle as a whole. There is an energy mismatch between the amount of energy production, level of consumption, and how much actual energy it takes for us to power our lives!

The Root Cause Solution "Metabolic Health Mastery" Program

Six [6] Information-Packed Modules On Metabolic Health Mastery (or, How To Transform Stress Into Success) Complete With "The Doctor's Notes"

We have taken the best content from past LIVE Events, including new introductions from Dr Pucci, and developed it into a 6-Module Course on "all things" metabolism: metabolic hormones, energy depletion, rejuvenation, gut microbiology--the teeming "jungle of life within us that determines our epigenetics, methylation, cognitive function, why our brains love routine, and so much more.

Four [4] LIVE 1-HOUR Q&A Sessions (One Every Two Weeks) To Comb Through the Materials and Answer Questions

The information contained with the Metabolic Health Mastery program will generate questions. How do I implement? What does this mean in my case? Could you explain this concept a bit further? Anyone who has sat in for any of Dr Pucci's webinars or on-line teachings, knows he likes to answer questions. That's why in addition to the course, Dr Pucci has made himself available for three additional, lengthy, in-depth two-hour sessions with enough distance between them so that you can review the modules and make your notes. Obviously, much like a book club, it helps to have read, reviewed, and personally engaged with the material enough so that the conversation is most relevant to you!

Group Coaching via Private Shared Communications and Open "Office Hours"

Metabolic Health Mastery is structured as a Group Program since that's the No. 1 request we receive from clients who are unable to participate 1-on-1 whether for cost or other factors. The benefit of a group program is that there is real-time guidance, feedback, and accountability. In addition to the above LIVE Sessions, we will create a private messaging center (probably in "Practice Better") to facilitate enhanced learning along the way.

Our sincere belief is that in this program we give you the tools you need--all packaged into a series of modules, tutorials and guide--and set you up for health transformation. Meaning, there is no reason that if you do the work, if you study the materials, ask questions and do the homework, you can "transform your stress into success".

A Downloadable Copy of the "Playbook" Used to Develop the Program Where You Can Take Notes, Record Your Thoughts, and So Forth

A "playbook" is a "living document; meaning, it develops organically as the content grows. In our LIVE Events we have used playbooks so that we can add back the live recordings and any additional resources that we accrue as we go along. These playbooks are of enormous value because they contain all The Doctor's Notes, all the references, all the original source material as it happens in real time. You can print it out or duplicate a copy of the original, make your own sidebar observations and notes, and have this forever resources as a guide for you to return to in the future.

+ Two Additional BONUSES

Bonus No. 1 - A courtesy interpretation of your Metabolic Assessment Form along with a prescription for comprehensive blood work.
Bonus No. 2 - LIMITED TIME OFFER - A private, individual consultation with ME to review your labs and answer any questions specific to your case.

Save Your Spot In The Root Cause Solution "Metabolic Health Mastery" Program

The simplest way for us to know your level of interest for this Group Program is to “Get Registered”. However, since we are still in production, and understand that you have questions, we have offered a way for you to Save Your Seat until such time we have the details of the program fully worked out!

Success Stories

“Dr. Pucci and staff are AMAZING. He takes the time to go over things with you...”

Dr. Pucci and staff are AMAZING. He takes the time to go over things with you to the level of your understanding and interest. My health and quality of life took a major turnaround after I started going to his office. Great resource if you are looking to heal yourself the way you should be. Can't recommend them highly enough.
- Chris S. (Bergen County)

“My health was failing and I was deathly afraid of being hospitalizedagain...”

My health was failing and I was deathly afraid of being hospitalized again. My condition was such that I would react worse each time to all the drugs. It would take weeks to recover, if at all, and I really didn’t want that approach. I just did not know how else to get better. As a last resort, the office manager contacted Dr. Pucci on my behalf and it’s been an amazing turn around ever since.
- Jackie J (Rutherford, NJ)

“I began working with Dr. Pucci years ago and trust him with a lot of important decisions...”

I began working with Dr. Pucci years ago and trust him with a lot of important decisions. Recently, my husband had been scared into the possibility of open heart surgery and was about to start taking medications so I sent him to Dr. Pucci for a second opinion and guidance. After running a few tests and starting treatment, we went back to the cardiologist who, based on the results, changed his mind and completely reversed his decision.
- Gloria S. (Hillsdale, NJ)

Frequently Asked Questions

We created this program as a standalone “Group” Masterclass to give you much of the clinical terminology and foundational concepts we use in functional medicine. This is also an excellent companion for working together 1-on-1.

Whether you are trying to “do-it-yourself” and need additional training, or you are a health advocate for yourself and your family who thrives on continuing education, this is a perfect program option!

We are certainly recommending an add-on test package for those who want it. If so, complete the assessment and schedule a discovery call so we can custom tailor this to your needs.

Our team at Pucci Wellness strives to provide you with the most up-to-date learning opportunities available. We are here for you… to help you finally reach your desired health goals.

If you need assistance, you are always welcome to call the office at (201) 261-5430 and reference the “Metabolic Health Mastery” program and someone from the team (Cynthia) will assist you!

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