Are Your Emotions Preventing Your Good Health? 12 Tips for Emotional Healing

Most people don’t see a connection between emotional issues and physical pain or good health, but the relationship between them is actually quite powerful. In fact, emotional healing is a necessary component of physical healing; deep emotional pain, especially for people who have little or no support system, can lead to self-sabotage and the belief that there is no hope of recovery.

The good news is that everyone has the power to heal within them. We’re born with it, but because of various circumstances and events that occur throughout our lives and in our surroundings, we lose our connection to it. However, we can reconnect with that important healing energy within ourselves by implementing some proven methods to change our internal messages and create a happier, healthier future.

“Everyone has the power to heal within them.”

The plan I use to help my patients become more open to the healing process includes these steps:

  1. Consciously invest your resources toward what you believe you can create.
  2. Envision a version of you that is healthy (even if it requires you to stop being the person everyone thinks you are).
  3. Learn and study using the guidance of a trusted authority whether a doctor or mentor who can assist you to implement this vision.
  4. Anticipate at least 30 days to create a new habit and begin by scripting each day.
  5. Notice what’s keeping you the way you are in order to overcome habits and attachments that hold you back.
  6. Use newfound time and energy to continuously monitor and adapt.
  7. Halt the automatic repetition of the past by acknowledging the scars and wounds that no one else can see and moving beyond them.
  8. Prepare at home.
  9. Focus on the outcome you’d like to create. There are a million futures we don’t want to create and only one that we do want to have happen.
  10. Find comfort in the uncertainty as it’s happening.
  11. Work to achieve authenticity, which is the standard of credibility for becoming a new person. If in the beginning you feel like an actor moving from role to role, through repetition you will achieve a feeling of who you are inside and out.
  12. Learn optimism and joy in the smallest of things.

It isn’t always easy to understand what’s at the root of our emotional pain; there can be a difference between what we think the problem is on the surface and what the original cause and core emotions are underneath. In my practice, I have helped many of my patients push past the emotional blockades that are not allowing them to live their lives to the fullest, whether due to physical pain, depression, illness, lack of focus or any other issue. By learning how to redirect your thoughts away from damaging emotions and negative energy and instead turning them toward healing and positive beliefs, you can help both your physical and emotional healing process. You’ll be surprised at how much your life and health can improve.

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