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"My health was failing and I was deathly afraid of being hospitalized again. My condition was such that I would react worse each time to all the drugs. It would take weeks to recover, if at all and I really didn’t want that approach. I just did not know how else to get better. As a last resort, the office manager contacted Dr. Pucci on my behalf and it’s been an amazing turn around ever since."

--Jackie J (Rutherford, NJ)

“I began working with Dr. Pucci years ago and trust him with a lot of important decisions. Recently, my husband had been scared into the possibility of open heart surgery and was about to start taking medications so I sent him to Dr. Pucci for a second opinion and guidance. After running a few tests and starting treatment, we went back to the cardiologist who, based on the results, changed his mind and completely reversed his decision.”

--Gloria S. (Hillsdale, NJ)

“I developed vertigo eighteen years ago and was not feeling right when I started down the pathway to medical mismanagement and disaster. I had a part of my thyroid removed, countless doctor’s visits, and began taking antidepressants. My search for a good doctor that I could trust finally came to an end when I discovered Dr. Pucci through a referral.”

--Ralf R (Long Island, NY)
“My daughter gets headaches weekly. It was ‘all over’ joint pain that finally brought us to Dr. Pucci. My brother told me there was a special quality about Dr. Pucci’s methodologies and that he was not like any other doctor. Boy, he was right! We flew in for the summer and Dr. Pucci treated my daughter daily during this time. Through further testing we were able to discover the cause of so much of her inflammation. She has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and it has been completely mismanaged by her other doctors.”

--Lynn C. (Gilbert, AZ)

“Even in his 90s my dad is a fighter. He doesn’t want to submit to the aging process and I respect that. We discovered Dr. Pucci through one of my wife’s contacts and it’s been a great relief for me just knowing that my father’s in his care. I live in Manhattan and receive regular status reports. Dad gets one-on-one attention, a lot of time on therapies, including guidance on nutritional products and activities he can do at home."

--Vincent D. (Philadelphia, PA)

“I had surgery recently to correct a condition that was a result of an automobile accident suffered years ago. I cannot say enough about my experiences with Dr. Pucci pre- and post-surgery. He has an intuitive skill for what my body needs next to heal and the amount of thought and personal attention is unlike any of my other therapists or doctors. When I want answers and results, I know exactly where to turn.”

--Marjorie D. (Dumont, NJ)

“Especially since having had neck surgery, in my visits to chiropractors’ offices I have researched them extensively to find one who was more than a "back cracker.” You possess knowledge that none of the other dozen or so others ever mentioned. Indeed, I found your testing to be more extensive than what I had received when I went to my neurologist, who I happen to think is outstanding. Additionally, I want you to know that I made a friend of mine aware of what you do in the area of auto-immune disease and that she should contact your office to see if there could be a workable relationship. As I told you, she lives in Florida. I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you spent with me and I will be in touch shortly."

--Robert S (Bloomfield, NJ)

“Just wanted to let you know that I've already felt a change since focusing on the elimination of certain foods from my diet. Over the weekend and last night it’s been noticeably easier to fall asleep at night AND dramatically easier for me to wake up in the morning! I really feel like this knowledge is a game changer for me and I'm psyched about progressing. I completed the saliva test on Saturday - and will be dropping it at UPS later today. And I'm going to try and get the other test out of the way and mailed at FedEx today too. Thank you!!"

--Brett W (New York, NY)

Whether you have been improperly diagnosed and mismanaged or you want to reverse your health status and change your life, you deserve the opportunity to find out what makes your experience with NJ Top Doctor, Dr. Doug Pucci, different from any other doctor you’ll meet:

  • Neuro-Metabolic Healing
  • Brain Based Therapy
  • Nutrition Science
  • Comprehensive Lab Work (far beyond standard testing)
  • Neurofeedback
  • Clinical Kinesiology


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