Physical symptoms are addressed both externally and internally.


Therapeutic methods and treatments that encourage self-healing.


Emphasis on the mind, body and spirit – not pills and medication.

Your Body is Failing You. Do You Really Know Why?

The human body is a marvelous and mysterious thing. Every single second there are thousands upon thousands of biological processes automatically going on at once to make sure you stay alive and breathing. Your body is the single greatest (and most complex!) “machine” on this planet, and yet, despite it’s own wise intelligence, you’re still hurting.

You could be suffering from a multitude of health issues that have plagued you for quite some time now. These are health issues that zap your own energy and vitality, and leave you feeling depleted and even emotionally exhausted. These issues are often chronic, very persistent, and can even be degenerative to your body and mind.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone…

Hard to Treat Health Conditions

Can you personally relate to any of these symptoms & issues?

  • Chronic Headaches

    Migraines, headaches

  • Chronic Pain

    Failed surgery, injuries

  • Hormone Imbalance

    Thyroid disorders

  • Brain Fog

    Confusion, forgetfulness

  • Digestive Issues

    Heartburn, IBS

  • Joint Pain

    RA, arthritis

  • Balance Disorders

    Vertigo, falling

  • Heart Disease

    Weight gain, diabetes

You’ve lost trust in the medical world

You Want Answers

Despite all of your efforts, previous doctor visits and defeating diagnosis, there is still hope. Chances are, there are critical clues being overlooked which hold the key to your possible health resolution.

You deserve personalized attention

Dr. Pucci is Here for You

Modern medicine is radically mismanaged. We take a personalized, wholstic approach to diagnosing and treating health problems. Total wellness can be achieved through individual care.

Over 25

Chronic Issues


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Years Practice


Patients Helped

Dr. Douglas J. Pucci D.C., FAAIM

Meet Dr. Pucci

Dr. Douglas J. Pucci, D.C. is a licensed, practicing healthcare professional and wellness consultant. He is the central founder and clinical director here at Pucci Wellness Center, a private facility located in the Township of Oradell, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Dr. Pucci is a truly honest, caring and trustworthy doctor who always puts the patient first.

An Effective Approach

Working with the body’s natural chemistry for total healing.

What makes Dr. Pucci’s approach so effective is that it just makes common sense to work WITH the body on a more synergistic level that includes: the brain, the central nervous system and spine, the organs and glands, immune and endocrine systems, and even nutritionally chemistry for total healing.

After more than 25 years as a practicing physician and natural healthcare doctor he has carefully researched, developed and refined his own brain-based functional approach to health and wellness.

Dr. Pucci is able to separate symptoms that can be managed and supported neurologically and metabolically…while allowing patients to finally work on the root causes of their own health problems. When the body is examined from all system levels within the body, instead of ONLY the areas of pain, the underlying root causes can often be discovered…and patients can finally win back their own health and happiness.

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Training & Credentials

An accomplished career in transformative care.

Dr. Pucci has worked with various colleagues across the country to help test and develop his protocols for treatment of many common health issues including: Chronic Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy, Balance Disorders, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and many other conditions.

He continues to dedicate thousands of hours to functional medicine, functional neurology, informational medicine, bio-resonance testing and laboratory science in order to help his own patients move one step closer to complete wellness.

“I am honored to be one of a very few doctors in the country trained in new clinical diagnostics and techniques, a comprehensive wellness approach using neuroscience testing, specialty labs, cellular detoxification, and micro-nutrient protocols that gets results and transforms lives.” – Dr. Doug Pucci

In 2012, New Jersey Monthly named Dr. Pucci a Top Doctor. Later that year he was featured in Bergen County’s premier (201) Magazine, as one of 12 “Doctors To Watch”. Then in 2015, he was honored to become a Fellow of the newly created American Association for Integrative Medicine.

Advanced Clinical Training

  • Chiropractic Neurology
  • Neurotransmitters & The Brain
  • Neurological Assessments
  • Metabolic Assessments
  • Functional Blood Chemistry
  • Science Based Nutrition
  • Gluten Sensitivity and Autoimmune
  • Adrenal Stress Index
  • Mastering The Thyroid
  • Male/Female Hormone Balance

“My health was failing and I was deathly afraid of being hospitalized again. My condition was such that I would react worse each time to all the drugs. It would take weeks to recover, if at all and I really didn’t want that approach. I just did not know how else to get better. As a last resort, the office manager contacted Dr. Pucci on my behalf and it’s been an amazing turn around ever since.”

Jackie J.
Jackie J.Rutherford, NJ

“Even in his 90s, my dad doesn’t want to submit to the aging process. We discovered Dr. Pucci through one of my wife’s contacts and it’s been a great relief for me knowing that my father is in his care. Dad gets 1-on-1 attention, including guidance on nutritional products and activities he can do at home.”

Vincent D.
Vincent D.Philadelphia, PA

“Recently, my husband had been scared into the possibility of open heart surgery so I sent him to Dr. Pucci for a second opinion and guidance. After running a few tests and starting treatment, we went back to the cardiologist who, based on the results, changed his mind and completely reversed his decision.”

Gloria S.
Gloria S.Hillsdale, NJ

“I developed vertigo eighteen years ago and was not feeling right when I started down the pathway to medical mismanagement. I had a part of my thyroid removed, countless doctor visits, and began taking antidepressants. My search for a good trustworthy doctor finally came to an end when I discovered Dr. Pucci.”

Ralf R.
Ralf R.Long Island, NY

Your Path

You’ve landed on this website for a reason – not simply because you are suffering with a health issue, but you are determined to be proactive about getting better. You’ve made the first step. Now let us help you move forward…

Your body is telling you why you’re in pain but sometimes knowing how to properly listen can be difficult. We will work to detect signals and alarms within your various symptoms to better determine our course of treatment.

Our primary focus is reversing the underlying chemical, emotional, and physical stresses that may be compromising your nervous system. Examples of these types of stresses can include:

  • Toxicity Overload On The Body
  • Absence or Depletion of Critical Vitamins & Minerals
  • Nutritional & Chemical Deficiencies (known and even unknown)
  • Subtle Yet Vital Imbalances In Your Nervous System

When you choose to work with Dr. Pucci, you’ll be choosing a health partner and mentor (not just another doctor) who you can trust to help guide you down the right path to health and wellness.

Your personal path to wellness will include:

  1. Personal dietary and lifestyle changes
  2. Effective nutritional and laboratory support
  3. A complete, yet simplified, program for you to follow

Even though your health situation may feel bleak and unsolvable, I’m confident that I can be the light at the end of the tunnel you’ve been looking for. You deserve to live in a state of happiness, health, and abundance. It’s your birthright.

Your body may be in a state of flux and pain, but it also WANTS to heal. Let me not only help you on your journey, but also help your body help heal itself the way it needs.

Next Steps

It’s time to take back your health with Dr. Pucci

No matter if you suffer with horrible panic attacks, horrible brain fog, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue & pain, or some other type of chronic ailment or illness, we want to hear from you. We are not like traditional chiropractors that do the typical twist, crack and pop and send you out the door. You won’t find that here at Pucci Wellness Center.

Dr. Pucci will first run a unique blood test, do an analysis on your hormone levels, test your brain-body status, and more to provide all the data and info you need to know. This will provide a clear picture of what’s really going on in your body, and dictate how to bring you back into a state of health and balance.

All of our methods are all natural, conservative, and free of drugs and surgery.

The staff will always treat you with great respect, friendliness and always provide you the greatest level of health care possible.

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  • Run Tests

    Advanced in-office and send-out testing

  • Analyze Findings

    The true root of the problem

  • Begin Healing

    Get back to yourself again

Get Started

You can continue to live a life of struggle and a life in pain… or you can take one more chance to be proactive about your health, and approach your situation from a completely different approach than you have ever before.

Your health is too important to give up on. Let me help you be the expert you need to figure it all out, and to get you back on the right path to healing and pain-free living. I’m confident this will be on of the best decisions you’ll ever make for you own health and well being.

It’s Time to Feel Better

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